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category: Competitions


Category: Competitions

Competition for piazza XX Settembre in Sarnico (BG). Sarnico is a place where different rhythms merge together: the fast traffic time characterizing the connection system meets the local time, the slow time of people, stopovers and city life, where public spaces become primary elements for the territory. Piazza XX Settembre is located in this context, a central territorial node naturally configured as a staging and merging place and only manifesting itself as a dynamic flow platform. The project aims at overlapping a series of elements to the existing flow level, intended as perpendicular vectors able to slow down the flow of the main one, and at reconnecting the urban tissue like if it the intent was to recreate the pace of a lake along a riverbed. The intervention has been designed in continuity with the pre-existing elements in order to keep a composition homogeneity, also inserting few elements characterizing the square, whose historical identity has been maintained and underlined, reconnecting the urban tissue and its context landscape.