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category: Interior design, Safety


Category: Interior design, Safety

Over the years, the firm has been involved in numerous interventions at the Milan Linate ATA Airport. The assignment generally concerned the feasibility study, the design, the procedural process for Local Authority Building Consents and Procedures (SEA and ENAC), the Construction Supervision and the Safety Coordination in both the design and execution phases. Minor interventions concerned the refurbishment and the lighting on one hand, and on the other hand they concerned the management process for obtaining the Fire Prevention Certificate for the entire airport structure were completed, including the related building and systems compliance, the design of both land-side and air-side bathrooms, a new layout for the entrance areas of the management building, the design of a new server room, the new internal layout design and its related works, systems realization and the furniture selection for the ATA office building, the project for the demolition and reconstruction of the repair shop with the creation of a canteen for the employees, the project for the renovation and expansion of the restaurant and bar areas in the airport, the new room dedicated to the pilots, the VIP waiting room, the project for the duper tracks covered parking areas, the new road system and land-side parking lots, the new offices building within the air-side area, the arrangement of the Authorities area, and the technical rooms project for Linate airport. Other unmentioned projects are explained in their specific sections within the site.