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category: Green design

Wetland | Peschiera Borromeo

Category: Green Design

The assignment, carried out with the architect Ada Magnani, consisted in obtaining the Local Authority Building Consents and Procedures (Parco Sud Milano and Comune di Peschiera Borromeo) for the transformation of an agricultural area in Peschiera Borromeo, through the analysis of the site and its survey, in collaboration with the agronomist Carlo Calvi Parisettito. The goal was to design a wetland, a naturalistic area for the natural development of wet environments typical native flora, and to ensure the repopulation of a small fauna. The presence of a three-level flooded surface, the planting of arboreal and shrub-like essences along the perimeter of the wetland, the near shrub-bush area, and the habitat recreated by the forest plant are elements which will increase the naturalistic relevance in perfect harmony with the ecological corridor presence, if compared to the specific general context of the strongly urbanized area. The project is part of a broader urban transformation also including the Borromeo Mill renovation.