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category: Urban planning

Lavagna di Comazzo

Category: Urban planning

Commission in collaboration with Studio AM-PM for the enhancement of San Biagio in Rossate (Comazzo) area for Tangenziali Esterne di Milano S.p.A. Hypothesis formulation for the enhancement of San Biagio site; historical-critical analysis of the monument; interaction with the Superintendence of Fine Arts and local authorities; preliminary design of the rest areas along the beltway, the overpass and the renovation and enhancement of the Cascina Castello; economic evaluation of the intervention. Different operative phases have been defined and structured in steps: 1) To understand and communicate the value; 2) To read the context and analyze the economic resources needed to cover the expected costs for the enhancement and renovation of Cascina Castello, pursuing and promotionally communicating the possibility of a reference model of behavior enhancing the territory “overlapped” by the infrastructural intervention, beyond the restorative logic and the free grants. 3) Economic evaluation for the renovation of San Biagio church, the relative farmhouse in the backyard, and the building renovation and safety of Cascina Castello. Layout proposals for the surroundings, focusing on the path from the rest area around the monument. 4) Identification of compatible activities for the Cascina Castello renovation, possibly connected to private and/or institutional organizations for activity management available on the territory. Costs evaluation for the building works and the set-up of the alternative functions.