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category: Building construction

Airport Expansion

Category: Building construction

After many years of collaboration with ATA Ali Trasporti Aerei S.P.A. and after having gained experience in the sector, Stoppani10 was asked to design a project for the renovation and expansion of the airport terminal. The design had to deal with the many requirements instructed by the specific legislation and the environmental context, as well as with the customer request to meet the increasing needs of a structure containing technical, technological, hospitality and service, representative and commercial needs. After a deep study giving priority to the relationship with customers / travelers, it become necessary to include a part of the close hangar to be able to manage arriving and departing flows only on horizontal paths: Natural light was brought into the whole building, creating a wide double-height area where hospitality and commercial functions are concentrated and, on the upper floor, all the functions which must not cross the main flows, such as pilot rooms, meeting rooms, top-VIP waiting rooms, administrative offices, have been located through a scenographic element.